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Letters of Marque

License to arm a private warship

Letters or Reprisal

In the days of fighting sail, a letter of marque and reprisal was a government license authorizing a person (known as a privateer) to attack and capture enemy vessels and bring them before admiralty courts for condemnation and sale.

Admiralty Reports

Reports on naval engagements, pirate trials, hangings, maroonings and a host of other maritime topics.

Ads & Pamphlets

Blackbeard’s Reward poster, Advertisement for crew to go privateering, etc.

Ships’ Articles

Articles were an important agreement between the crew and the captain of any pirate vessel because they spelled out the conditions under which the crew would agree to sail with the pirate captain. A privateer’s ship did not have Articles because they were governed by naval regulations which they seldom followed. Privateers were little better than pirates.

Miscellaneous (soon come)

Wedding license, Pact with the Devil, Exorcism, Code Duello, etc.


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Wedding License 1800

Pact with Devil 1633

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