Notes on Pirates: Most of the piracies in Florida Keys waters were committed by pirate vessels based in the Bahamas and Cuba. While these pirates stopped in the Keys to take shelter from storms, to obtain water and fire wood.

While most of the pirate activity during the second major outbreak (1815—1825) took place in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, some of it spilled over into the Straits of Florida and the Keys.

In 1820, pirates robbed twenty-seven American merchantmen and brutalized or murdered their crews.

By 1822, it was estimated that nearly three thousand piracies had been committed in the seven years since the end of the War of 1812.

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About Anti-Pirate Squadron Instructions 1627
Instructions to Captain James Duppa, Admiral of a squadron of ships appointed to guard the Northern coast of England from French Pirates.

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Below is the text of Anti Pirate Squadron Instructions 1627. The names available to be personalized are in red. They will be replaced everywhere in the document with Any names you choose.

Pirate Squadron Instructions

By our letters of the 27th of this month we gave you directions to send two of the ships under your command to guard and defend the fisherman of (1. Fisherman’s City)Great Yarmouth from the (2. Pirate’s City)Dunkirkers, (3. Enemy Country)Frenchman, and other pirates.
And forasmuch as we have received advertisement that the
(2. Pirate’s City)Dunkirkers do much infest those Northern parts, having landed and committed much spoil in Shetland and thereabout.
We do hereby further will and require you to aid the ships of the United Provinces of the Low Countries, in the best manner that you shall be able, against the (2. Pirate’s City)Dunkirkers, and for that purpose to take with you for your assistance, by virtue of these our letters, all such men of war, being subjects of his Majestie, as you shall meet, and in particular those four shipps, which were appointed to guard the fishers to Ireland and Westmonie.
And if you meet with (4. Captain’s Name)Sir Sackvill Trevor, whom we conceive you may find about those parts, you are also to aid and assist him with all your force, and to acquaint him with these our directions, and with the affronts and outrages done by the aforesaid
(2. Pirate’s City)Dunkirkers upon those Northern parts.
And you are likewise to hold a very good and strict intelligence with him, to the end that you may be more ready upon all occasions to help each other for the defence of the coast, and of his Majestie’s subjects, and for the defeating of the common enemy.
And so expecting your careful performance of these our directions, we bid you &c., &c.


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