Blackbeard’s Reward Poster 1718

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About Blackbeard’s Reward Poster 1718
This poster is dated Nov 24, 1718 – however, Blackbeard died Nov 22, 1718 at Okracoke Inlet, North Carolina two days earlier. Evidently the printer took too long filling the order.blackbeard 142wDid Spotswood issue this reward not yet knowing of his death? The November 22 date is taken from the original reward poster. It took Maynard time to sail back to Virginia with Blackbeard’s head to claim the reward and for the news of his death to spread and the for poster to be taken down. The date on this poster is probably correct.

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Below is the text of Blackbeard’s Reward Poster 1718. The names available to be personalized are in red and can be replaced with Any names you choose. Or you can order the historical document showing the original names and places.

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Proclamation By
(1. Governor’s name) Alexander Spotswood,
The Governor of Virginia
November 24, 1718

For (2. Pirate captain’s name) Edward Teach, commonly called (3. Pirate aaptain’s alias) Captain Teach, or Blackbeard, one hundred Pounds, for every other commander of a Pyrate Ship, Sloop, or Vessel, forty Pounds; for every Lieutenant, Master, or Quarter-Master, Boatswain, or Carpenter, twenty Pounds; for every other inferior Officer, fifteen Pounds, and for every private Man taken on Board such ship, Sloop, or Vessel, ten Pounds.
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1. Governor’s name
2. Pirate captain’s name
3. Pirate captain’s alias

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