Broadside Fired 1592

Admiralty Report

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About Broadside Fired 1592
Testimony from the Earl of Cumberland Captain of HMS Guardland regarding a fight with a Turkish ship of war who wouldn’t strike her colors in respect to the Queen’s authority of the Seas.

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Broadside Fired 1592

About the beginning of Julie last, (1. Navy vessel’s name)HMS Guardland, lying off the Rock of  (2. City of fight’s name)Lisbon, upon the coast of (3. Country of fight’s name)Portugal, we decried in the morning a ship, (since known by name of the (4. Refusal vessel’s name)Black Bull), too or three leagues right to windward, and coming before the wind.
But when they had perceived what I was, they hauled their tacks aboard, and shook all in the wind, until they were, as it seemed, thoroughly provided, and had made ready their fighters, and put out their flag, and then presently came round. Where upon I sent my pinnace, being better of sail then myself, to speak with them.
But when he haled, and asked of where they were, they bad him look on their flag, (which was of (5. Refusal vessel’s country)Turkey). Then telling them he was sent by me, being in a ship of her Majestie’s and that I willed them to strike to the Queen’s ship, or strike in the name of the Queen of England, (or to the like effect), and come on board me, they scornfully denied, uttering such unseemly and irreverent speeches as I will not rehearse.
Still keeping their course till they came under my lee. So I presently shot at them, and they straight gave me their whole broadside. Where upon we verily believed they had been one of the King’s men of war, for they continued a very hot fight for a long while, until the master and some of the company were slain.
The ship much beaten, having received sundry great shot from my company, and twice shot under water, their company distressed, neither appearing; when they struck sails and yielded any possible means to escape us.
In testimony whereof I have here unto put my hand and seal the 17th day of January, Anno Domini 1591, and the year of the reign of our most gracious sovereign, (6. Queen’s name)Queen Elizabeth, the four and thirteenth, &c.
(7. Captain Earl’s name)George Earl of Cumberland


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