Canada v America 1799

Letter of Marque

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Letter of Marque

His Excellency
(1. Lieutenant Governor)Sir John Wentworth, Baronet, L.L.D.
Lieutenant-Governor and Commander in Chief, in and
Over His Majesty’s Province of Nova-Scotia, and it’s
Dependencies, &c. &c. &c.

These are to certify that (2. Captain’s Name)Joseph Freeman of (3. City)Liverpool in the Province of
(4. Province)Nova Scotia Master of the Ship called the (5. Vessel’s Name)Duke of Kent a British Ship Navigated by One hundred men including officers Mounting Twenty Carriage Guns having Applied to me for an Authority to cruise against all His Majesty‘s Enemies & having received His Majesty‘s Commands to encourage all His Majesty‘s Subjects by every means in their power to distress and annoy the Trade of all His Majesty‘s Enemies.
And the said Ship having been duly Registered in His Majesty‘s Custom House in this province as a British Ship & being regularly described in such Register to even there presents refer.
I do by virtue of the Power & Authority to me given comfortable to His Majesty‘s pleasure expressed to me by the Right Honorable and Most Noble His Grace the Duke of Portland, Authorize and Empower the said Joseph Freeman in and with the said Ship called the Duke of Kent to cruise against all His Majesty‘s Enemies, and am fully authorized to assure him and all others involved in said private Ship of War, that His Majesty will consider him & them as fully Entitled to having a just claim to all vessels & property of every kind which he or they shall make prize of from all or any of His Majesty‘s Enemies, provided the same shall have been first condemned as Lawful prize to His Majesty‘s High Court of Admiralty or in some of His Majesty‘s Courts of Vice Admiralty having Lawful authority to take Cognizance of the same.

Given under my Hand & Seal of Arms at Halifax this 6th day of November 1799 in the 39th Year of His Majesty‘s Reign.

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