Captain John Foxall 1585

Letter or Reprisal

About Captain John Foxall 1585
This Letter from the Lord Admiral to the judge of the Admiralty, directs him to issue Letters of Reprisal against Spain to Captain John Foxall and his partner so they may recover their ship and fortune captured a Spanish ship. The King had diplomatically tried to get recompense for Captain Foxall, but had failed and was now allowing Capt Foxall to arm a private warship to capture Spanish ships and cargo.

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Letter of Reprisal

(1. Issuing authority addressee)Mr. Ceasar, whereas there have been delivered to me from one (2. Captain’s name)Captain John Foxhall, of (3. Captain’s city)London, merchant, a note of sundry losses by him and one (4. Partner’s name)John Field , his partner, sustained by arrests made of their goods and merchandise at (5. City of crime)Cadiz, in (6. Country of crime)Spain, to the value of £7800, whereof (as he informed) they have heretofore made proof in the court of the Admiralty, and could never obtain any restitution, although means have been made from her Majesty to the King by (7. First Knight’s name)Sir Henry Cobham and (8. Second Knight’s name)Sir John Smith, Knights, at their several ambassies into (6. Country of crime)Spain.
Whereby the said (2. Captain’s name)Captain Foxhall has been brought to utter undoing and decay, and therefore, among others, is now an humble suitor to be licensed to arm forth some ship for reprisal against the subjects of the said King of (6. Country of crime)Spain. This shall be therefore to require you, according to the articles heretofore set down for those purposes, and the course already held with such as have been licensed in the like, to deliver unto said (2. Captain’s name)Captain Foxhall a commission, under the seal of my office of Admiral, for the arming forth of one ship to the seas by way of reprisal, to recover upon the subjects of the said King such recompense and restitution as may countervail his losses and damages sustained.
And this shall be your sufficient warrant in that behalf.
So fare you well.
From the court at (9. City of King’s court)Richmond in the twenty ninth day of November 15

your loving friend,
(10. Authority agent)C.Howard

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