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Admiralty Reports

Admiralty Reports are a collection of miscellaneous maritime documents covering a wide range of nautical and historical topics. History was made here and is reflected in each document in the collection.

Ann Bonny and Mary Read 1721
Beheading King Charles I 1649
Broadside Fired 1592
Broadside by the French Pirate LaBouse 1717
Bartholomew Roberts’ Death 1722
Bartholomew Roberts Plunders the Samuel 1720
Blackbeard’s History 1680-1718
Blackbeard Raids Charleston 1718
Blackbeard’s Death 1718
Calico Jack’s Trial 1721
Enemy Wine Seized 1225
Marooned Man Found 1709
Marooned Padre 1708
Report of Marooning 1703
Mutineers Turn Pirate 1705
Naval Battle 1709
Pirate Hanged 1228
Pirate Pardoned 1346
Pirates Sentenced to Hang 1722
Pirate Treasure 1611
Poor Conditions on Pirate Ship 1710
Ship’s Stores 1708
Spanish Treasure Galleon 1709
Ship Surgeon Amputates 1703

Advertisements & Pamphlets

Slave for sale, tortured crewman, call for Privateers. These are some of the topics you’ll find here.

Jane Ann and the Pirate 1845
Prize Money 1668
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Riches & Honor 1779
Slave Prince Public Viewing 1691
Tryals of Captain John Rackam 1720


Pirates operated under one of the first democracies and Articles were their “constitution” for each voyage.

Bartholomew Roberts’ Articles 1721
Captain George Lowther’s Articles 1729
Captain John Phillips’ Articles 1724


Instructions often accompanied Letters of Marque and Reprisal further specifying conditions and restrictions of the Captain’s armed aggression.

Anti Pirate Squadron Instructions 1672
Enforcing Gun Salute 1673
Henry Morgan’s Instructions 1670
Instructions for Capturing Pirates 1577

Letters of Marque

“A license to steal.” These licenses made the Captains of the private warships legal pirates — Privateers!

Privateers sailed nder the protection of Letters of Marque. They were privately owned warships commissioned by a belligerent nation to carry-on naval warfare for profit. The captured ships, booty and plunder would be divided between the issuing government, the vessel’s owner, and her crew.

American Brigantine v England 1814
American Schooner v England 1814
Anti-Pirate Fleet 1404
Avalon 1667
Canada vs American 1799
Canada vs American 1812
Captain Kidd 1695
Conch Republic 1882
Confederate States of America 1861
England vs Scotland 1404
French vs English 1693
Henry Morgan 1669
Two Ships and Two Captains 1405

Letters of Reprisal

Letters of Reprisal were usually licensed as a means of revenge against only one ship. These licenses made the Captains of the private warships legal pirates or Privateers who could only attack one specified offender.

Captain David Cabreth 1585
Cinque Ports Warrant 1563
Captain John Couper 1586
Elizabeth of London 1636
Elizabeth of Plymouth 1585
Captain William Fenner 1586
Captain John Foxall 1585
French Wine Seized 1411
Captain John Kitchin 1585
Sir Walter Raleigh 1585
Arming the William of London 1650


Selected quotes reflecting the passion of seafarers.

African Queen 1914
Knowledge of the Sea ~Captain Bligh 1789
Think ~Captain Bligh 1789
Cold Sea Hot Blood 1933
Fight For a Galleon 1746
Quote by Horace 65 B.C.
The Longest Sword 1708


This area covers interesting documents that don’t relate to maritime history.

Code Duello 1777
Devil’s Pact 1633
Exorcism of the Undead
Hamilton-Burr Code Duello 1804
Indentured Servant 1627
Magna Carta 1215
Marriage License Circa 1800
Pact with Devil 1269
Devil’s Pact 1633
Vampire Hunter Commission 1865