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Admiralty Reports

Admiralty Reports are a collection of miscellaneous maritime documents covering a wide range of nautical and historical topics. History was made here and is reflected in each document in the collection.

Advertisements & Pamphlets

Slave for sale, tortured crewman, call for Privateers. These are some of the topics you’ll find here.


Pirates operated under one of the first democracies and Articles were their “constitution” for each voyage.


Instructions often accompanied Letters of Marque and Reprisal further specifying conditions and restrictions of the Captain’s armed aggression.

Letters of Marque

“A license to steal.” These licenses made the Captains of the private warships legal pirates — Privateers!

Privateers sailed nder the protection of Letters of Marque. They were privately owned warships commissioned by a belligerent nation to carry-on naval warfare for profit. The captured ships, booty and plunder would be divided between the issuing government, the vessel’s owner, and her crew.

Letters of Reprisal

Letters of Reprisal were usually licensed as a means of revenge against only one ship. These licenses made the Captains of the private warships legal pirates or Privateers who could only attack one specified offender.


Selected quotes reflecting the passion of seafarers.


This area covers interesting documents that don’t relate to maritime history.