Captain David Cabreth 1585

Letter of Reprisal

About Captain David Cabreth 1585
This warrant is for reprisal against Spain and those of the Low Countries, with authority to capture those supplying them with food or war material.

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Letter of Reprisal

These are to will and make out commission of reprisal unto:
(1. Captain Name)David Cabreth, of (2. City Name)Lynn, in the county of (3. County Name)Northfolke.

To set out one ship against the King of (4. Enemy Country Name)Spain and all other of his subjects in any of his dominions, and also against her Majestie’s enemies of the low countries; and to take as lawful prizes all those which relieve them with victual, or aid them with munition, under such articles which are set down by the Lordes of her Majestie’s most honorable privy counsel for breaking bulk, &c.

It is not requisite for him to make proof of losses, because he is to be employed in her Majestie’s service against the Dunkirkers, and others their adherents. And this shall be your sufficient warrant for the same. From the court at Richemond this XIIIJth of November 1585

Your lovinge friend,
C. Howard.

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