Elizabeth of London 1636

Letter of Reprisal


About Elizabeth of London 1636
This is an order of Council directing the arrest of the Compass of Horne that had sunk the Elizabeth of London in Falmouth harbor.

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Letter of Reprisal

Greetings &c. &c.

Having taken due consideration of the losses and damage sustained by (1. English Captain)Captain Thomas Bradshaw, captain of the (2. English vessel)Elizabeth of London, which was sunk in the harbour of Falmouth about 4 years since by a Dutch shippe called the (3. Dutch vessel)Compass of Horne, whereof one (4. Dutch Captain)Peter Tuneson was master, which Dutch shippe, being arrested for the said damage, was rescued and carried away by a Dutch fleet consisting of diverse Dutch shippes then riding in that harbour.
And having duly weighed the several reports of the 22nd of March 1632 and of the 7th of this instant May made unto us by Sir Henry Marten, knight, judge of the High Court of Admiraltie, of the true state of the said captain’s case.
And likewise considering the captain’s earnest solicitations, as well as the States Ambassador here, as of some of the states themselves in the Low Countries, for reasonable satisfaction, which hath in all this time not been rendered unto him, not withstanding many fair promises thereof have been made.
We have therefore thought good, and do hereby will and require you, and every of you, forthwith to take effectual order to arrest and make stay of the said shippe, the Compass of Horne, and her master, or some other of the Dutch shipps that were of her company, when the said rescue or escape was made, or any other shippe or vessel of that (5. Name of enemy town)Town of Horne, as soon as any of them shall come under the command of either of His Majesties said castles, and to detain the same till they shall have given satisfaction to the said Captain Bradshaw and his Company or until further order from us.


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