Letters of Reprisal

About Captain John Kitchin 1585
Letters of Reprisal were issued by the Admiral after the Queen’s request to the King of Spain to compensate Captain Ketchin for his claim were not answered. This Letter authorized him to arm a private warship to capture the ships and goods of Spain as satisfaction for his claim.

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Letters of Reprisal

(1. Admiral’s name)Charles Lord Howard, &c.
To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come, or otherwise appertaine,
Greeting in our Lord God everlasting.

Whereas our sovereign (2. Queen’s name)Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queen of England &c. being credibly advertised that the King of Spaine hath of late made stay of the shipps, goods, and debts, of her loving (3. Captain’s name)Captain John Kitchin within the realms of (4. Country name)Spaine and Portugal, and other places of his dominions, and hath caused them, there being for the trade of merchandize, to be retained, contrary to all order of law and justice; upon the humble and pitiful suite of her said subjects, the merchants, owners, and others interested in the goods and persons so stayed, made to her Majesty for Letters of Reprisal to be granted to them.
And that they, not having any other means by order of justice to be yielded to them, might be licensed to stay, apprehend, and take, the goods of subjects of the King of (4. Country name)Spaine, wheresoever upon the seas, to answer and satisfy the losses and damages by them sustained by reason of their shipps and goods so taken and detained
Hathe by here letters patents, bearing date the 9th of July last past, under her Majestie’s great seal, willed and authorized me, as her Majestie’s (1. Admiral’s name)Admirall, to grant commissions for apprehending and taking of the goods of the subjects of the King of (4. Country name)Spaine.


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