Marooned Man Found 1709

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About Marooned Man Found 1709
Alexander Selkirk was marooned on Juan Fernandos Island 360 miles west of Chile in 1704. he remained alone there for four years and four months. His story is what that inspired Daniel DeFoe (who interviewed him) to write Robinson Crusoe.

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Admiralty Report

Marooned Man Found

A (1. Nationality)Scotsman named (2. Marooned man’s name)Alexander Selkirk who was left there by
(3. Captain’s name)Capt Stradling, (4. Previous Captain’s name)Capt Dampier’s consort the last voyage and survived four Years and four Months without conversation with any creature, having no Company but wild Goats and his Catt, there being no European in all that Time, and he was resolved to die alone rather than submitt to ye South Sea Spainards.

He ran with wonderful Swiftness thro the Woods and up the Rocks and Hills. As we perceiv’d when we employ’d him to catch Goats for us. We had a Bull-Dog, which we sent with several of our nimblest Runners, to help him in catching Goats ; but he distanc’d and tir’d both the Dog and the Men, catch’d the Goats, and brought ’em to us on his back.


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