Pirate Hanged 1228

Admiralty Report

pirate hanged fr 326w

About Pirate Hanged 1228. This is almost the only record found of hanging for piracy before the sixteenth century.

Pirates hanged in one year:
148 pirates hanged in 1722
110 pirates hanged in 1718

Number of vessels captured by the pirate:
Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts 400
Edward Low 140
Sam Bellamy 50
Edward England 50
George Luther 33
Charles Vane 50
Charles Harris 45
Francis Spriggs 40
James Phillips 34
Richard Holland 24
Capt Kidd 2

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Pirate Hanged

An order was given to the Bailiffs of York as to the ship which they caused to be arrested because
(1. Pirate’s name)William de Briggeho, who was afterwards hanged for consorting with malefactors who robbed her off (2. City’s name)Sandwich, was found on board her.
The lord the King, has ascertained by inquisition that the ship, together with the chattels on board her, belonged to (3. Vessel owner’s name)William Belemund, of (4. Owner’s city)Grimsby, and he commanded the bailiffs that they should cause her to be delivered to William Belemund without delay

Witness, &c.


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