Pirate Pardoned 1346

Admiralty Report

pirate pardoned fr 326w


About Pirate Pardoned 1346
Petition to the Admiral that William Hefoul, a pirate, may be pardoned if he promised to put his pirate ship in the King’s service for two months to attack His Majesty’s enemies as a privateer.

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Pirate Pardoned

Honour and reverence.
Most dear cousin :

Whereas (1. Captain’s name)William Hefoul, of (2. City’s name)Bawdsy, has well and sufficiently equipped his ship, called the cog (3. Vessel’s name)John, of 100 tonnes burden, with armed men and other necessaries for war, and has victualled and furnished her at his own charges for two months, intending to go forthwith to sea in our company, in the service of our lord, the King, and in defence of the realm; may it please you, most Dear Sir, to grant to the said (1. Captain’s name)William a pardon in the matter of the galley and the goods captured and found in her.
Farewell, most dear Sire.
Written in Harwich, the nineteenth day of July.

 By (4. Cousin’s name)Robert de Morlee, 1346


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