Spanish Treasure Galleon 1709

Admiralty Report

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Spanish Treasure Galleon 1709

The (1. Galleon’s name)Nuestra Senora de Begona the grandest of the Spanish Treasure Galleons was on it’s maiden voyage. Newly built in the Philippines, it had two decks, weighed 900 tons and could blast twelve-pound iron cannon balls from forty brass guns. It’s captain (2. Galleon’s Captain’s name)Don Fernando de Angulo had a skilled master gunner and an experienced crew of 450 men, many of whom were English or Irish freebooters, with personal stashes of plunder to defend.

The attacking privateers were in three run down and leaky ships with mutinous crews. They were the Duke, Dutchess and the Marquess. The privateers could not win this battle they were outclassed in every respect. Five hundred six-pound cannon balls did little damage to the Begona, but the wreckage she did was cause for the privateers to pause and confer aboard the Duke which had taken a direct hit to her powder room. Following is a piece of the Admiralty report:

‘We found (3. Pirate Captain’s name)Capt. Rogers wounded in ye foot by a Splinter with severall of his Men blown up with the powder and his Main mast Shot through and found them all desirous not to engage the Enemy any farther and we not being able to Engage her by our Selves so left off the chase. We having 27 Men killed and wounded and our Foremast shot through the heart in four places our Mainmast shot through in 2 places, our Mizen mast shot through in 2 places, the whole of our foretopmast shot away with our foretrestle trees and our Main yard Shot through &c.’




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