Jane Ann and the Pirate 1845

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About the Jane Ann & the Pirate 1845
This historic document was printed and used as a handout for help by William Edwards. He was taken prisoner when the ship he was on, the Jane Ann, was captured by pirates. They tortured him and and cut out his tongue and set him adrift to die. William Edwards was lucky to survive at all. With the help of others he was able to have this flyer printed to explain his plight–no family, no education, no trade, no tongue and no hope.

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Jane Ann & the Pirate

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I am a poor young man who had the misfortune of having my to Tongue cut out of my mouth on my passage home from the coast of China to Liverpool, in 1845, by the Malay Pirates, on the Coast of Malacca. There were Fourteen of our Crew taken prisoners and kept on shore for months ; some of whom had their eyes put out, some their ears cut off, for myself I had my Tongue cut out.

We were taken about 120 miles to sea ; we were then given a raft and let go, and then were three days and three nights on the raft, and ten out of fourteen were lost. We were picked up by the ship James, bound to Boston, in America, and after our arrival we were sent home to Liverpool, in the ship Sarah James.

Two of my companions had trades before they went to sea, but unfortunately for me having no Father or Mother living, I went to sea quite young. I am now obliged to appeal to a Generous Public for support, and any small donation you please to give will be Thankfully received by Your obedient servant, (1. Poor young man’s name)William Edwards.

P.S.–I sailed from Liverpool on the 28th day of May, 1844, on board the Jane Ann, belonging to Mr. Spade, (2. Captain’s name)Williams Jones, Captain. Signed by (3. Magistrate’s name)Mr. Rushton, Magistrate, Liverpool, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Williams, after I landed in Liverpool on the 10th December, 1845.

J. Southward, Printer, S. Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool.


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