Tryals of Captain John Rackam 1720

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Below is the text of Tryals of Captain John Rackam 1721. Names in red may be personalized. you may change the names of the ten crew members of this pirate gang.


(1. Captain’s name)Captain John Rackam,
P IRA T E S, viz

(2. Pirate crew’s names)
George Fetherston,                      Noah FIarwood,
Richard Corner,                           James Dobbins,
John Davies,                                 Patrick Carty,
John Howell,                                Thomas Earl.
Tho. Bourn, alias Brown,           John Fenwick, al Fenis

Who are all Condern’d for PIRACY, at the Town of (3. Town of crime)St Jago de
la Vega, in the (4. Location of crime)Island of JAMAICA, on Wednesday and Thursday
the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Days of November 1720.

A S  A L S O.  T H E

TRYALS of Mary Read and Anne Bonny.
alais Bonn, on Monday the 28th Day of the
said Month of November, at (3. Town of crime)St. Jago
de la Vega aforesaid.

And of several Others, who were also condem’d for PIRACY.

A L S O,

A True Copy of the Act of Parliament made for the more effectual suppression of Piracy.


Jamaica: Printed by Robert Baldwin, In the Year 1721.



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1. Captain’s name
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3. Town of crime
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