What is a Letter of Reprisal


In the days of fighting sail, a letter of marque and reprisal was a government license authorizing a person (known as a privateer) to attack and capture enemy vessels and bring them before admiralty courts for condemnation and sale. Letters of Marque were issued against a belligerent government and Letters of Reprisal were issued against one person or one ship to compensate the privateer for a wrong done to him or his possessions.


Letters of Reprisal

Cinque Ports Warrant 1563
Captain David Cabreth 1585
The Elizabeth of London 1636
The Elizabeth of Plymouth 1585
French wine Seized 1411
Captain John Couper 1586
Captain John Foxall 1585
Captain John Kitchin 1585
Sir Walter Raleigh’s Bond 1585
Captain William Fenner 1586
Arming the William of London 1650

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